[mar jun 2 2020]
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<username> hello qorg
<@qorg> hi [22:26]
<@qorg> btw that conforms with the style
<@qorg> declarations inside whiles are OK
<username> oh, alright
<username> i'll delete the note
<username> going to add force
<@qorg> nah [22:27]
<@qorg> bull
<@qorg> pull*
<@qorg> why yes has to be fixed?
<@qorg> i think yes just prints y when nothing given
<username> why object files?
<@qorg> because they compile faster
<username> qorg: won't stop printing y
<@qorg> and if you are going to run makefiles every 3 minutes
<@qorg> compiling everytime would be stupid [22:28]
<@qorg> imo
<username> should i add make objclean
<@qorg> https://lainsafe.delegao.moe/files/kiccTizs.png
<@qorg> thats..  what' yes does
<@qorg> sure, add it
<username> that's stupid lol
<@qorg> you don't understand who it is intended to be used ;-) [22:29]
<@qorg> annoying_command_that_always_ask | yes
<@qorg> so it always prints yes
<@qorg> and it does not ask
<username> Should we move this from make to mk?  [22:30]
<@qorg> isnt mk a plan9 thing?
<username> https://9fans.github.io/plan9port/man/man1/mk.html
<username> yeah
<@qorg> no
<@qorg> makefiles works
<@qorg> as long aren't only GNU compatible
<@qorg> my makefile works without gmake?  [22:31]
<username> yeah
<@qorg> then no
<@qorg> makes are ok
<username> kinda wanna make a kil-9 build system but that's probably
	   and stupid [22:35]
<username> *kill-9
<@qorg> indeed
<@qorg> btw what was wrong with my ln -s?  [22:36]
<@qorg> it just worked lol
<username> it worked but it was kind of hard to read and hard to integrate
	   with more args
<@qorg> oh [22:37]
<@qorg> yeah
<@qorg> what should we add now?  [22:45]
<username> i'm adding -f to ln because POSIX [22:46]
<@qorg> oh [22:48]
<@qorg> do you think k9core can be used to run werc?
<@qorg> idk if you knew but you need to install 9base to run werc
<username> maybe
<@qorg> idk what they need
<@qorg> but i really want k9core to have an use
<username> we can try to build a linux distribution over k9core [22:49]
<@qorg> cool [22:50]
<@qorg> and musl!
<username> musl + k9core
<@qorg> yup
<@qorg> less bloated linux out there [22:51]
<@qorg> or why don't we write our own posix C lib?  [22:52]
<username> might be fun but i dont know asm
<username> plus musl does the job pretty well [22:53]
<@qorg> yup [22:54]
<username> ln is almost done
<username> cat is done [22:55]
<username> ln -f unlinks the file if it exists
<@qorg> oh
<@qorg> rmdir is done?
<username> I dont know if -pv is posix
<username> if not then yeah rmdir is done [22:56]
<username> also we beat openbsd ln so far
<@qorg> cool
<username> also rmdir is locked [22:58]
<username> can you unlock it
<@qorg> locked?  [22:59]
<@qorg> idk why it is locked tbh
<@qorg> can't you write it
<@qorg> and git push -f?
<username> maybe [23:00]
<username> alright, rmdir needs the -p option
<@qorg> how do we add it?
<username> recursive directory deletion [23:01]
<@qorg> uh, yes
<@qorg> no idea how to lol [23:02]
<@qorg> rmdir function?  [23:04]
<@qorg> not from unistd.h
<@qorg> but written in the c file
<username> working on the recursive directory removal [23:07]
<@qorg> nice
<username> Tried to force push, can you unlock rmdir.c [23:19]
<@qorg> try now
<username> thanks [23:20]
<@qorg> cool [23:21]
<@qorg> i posted pwd.c in 4chan and damn they hate our style lol [23:22]
<@qorg> i modified styles.md [23:23]
<@qorg> just added a thing
<@qorg> dont include .c files
<username> LOL [23:24]
<username> send the link to the thread
<@qorg> https://boards.4channel.org/g/thread/76178360
<@qorg> the string librar thing [23:27]
<@qorg> why you need a string library in fucking pwd?
<username> LOL
<username> i'm getting dunked on for fucking up return codes
<@qorg> yes [23:28]
<@qorg> you getting dunked in 4channel
<@qorg> why return 1 though
<username> i forgot return codes
<@qorg> lmao
<@qorg> should i change it?  [23:29]
<username> i already did
<@qorg> oh
<@qorg> >todo.org [23:30]
<@qorg> nice
<@qorg> im keeping mirrors of k9cor [23:31]
<@qorg> in github and mi git
<@qorg> should i put the style in org files?  [23:32]
<@qorg> and [23:44]
<@qorg> should we add flags to pwd?